Riva Case Suzuka 15,6″ Czarne (RC7705_BK)



Protective and convenient, this 15.6-inch Suzuka Laptop sleeve fits most popular Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets. Sleek, slim-line and elegant, the sleeve is ideal for urban professionals and students. Different shades of black that effortlessly blend and bold stitch lines which mirror your device’s edges give the sleeve a sense of solidity and purpose.

Laptop Sleeve up to 15.6″
Product Features:
• Series of sleeves ideal for most of popular Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets.
• Colorful plush interior
• Sleeves are manufactured using high-quality water-resistant material.
• Maximum protection for your device from accidental hits, scratches, dust and moisture
• Double zip-fastener provides easy access to device
• Material: Polyester



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Riva Case Suzuka 15,6″ Czarne (RC7705_BK)

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